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Leading Local Removals in Twickenham

If you are looking for the leading local removals in Twickenham, then you have found us. As a local company, we understand local needs and conditions. Twickenham Removals is small enough to offer a personal service and yet big enough to undertake a comprehensive service for all needs, residential or commercial.

A professional service

We are professionals. As the leading local removals in Twickenham, we set a high standard. Indeed, we look the part. Our smart uniforms identify us as members of the Twickenham Removals team. Also, we arrive at hour premises on time – we do not believe in keeping people waiting on such an important day. We aim to act in a professional manner – but also in a friendly way. After all, a smile costs nothing and makes us all feel better!

Our own tools

Because we own our equipment and vehicle outright we can take full responsibility for maintaining them in top condition. And we arrive on time and work efficiently and quickly. We make sure we pack up your belongings in a professional manner ready for a safe journey, whether across London or far away.

Not only do we pack in a skilled way – but the materials we use are all sourced from Eco-friendly warehouses as well as being sturdy and strong. At Twickenham Removals we try to do our bit for preserving the environment – and many of our customers feel happy about this. In addition, our fleet of suitable vehicles is modern and because we look after all of them, they are also as Eco-friendly as possible.

See why you should choose Twickenham Removals?

Work on time

The day of your move is an important day for you – and you do not want to be kept waiting – and waiting for your removal company to arrive. We arrive in time.

Simple payment methods

Our payment methods are clearly set out, so you can easily see how much you need to pay us. There is nothing complicated or hidden in our fee structure.

Quick service

We believe in an efficient service. This means a fast and effective job. While we never skimp on the essential protective methods or caring for our belongings, we do not waste time either.

Professional team

Our team are professionals, so we act in a professional way. We keep up to date with the latest methods of furniture and commercial removal, and we use modern equipment and vehicles.

Our local knowledge

You can benefit from our local knowledge. Because we know the way we will not get lost and cause you delays. And as we know about the local traffic conditions we can take that into account when planning our journey. We can even advise you as to times you should avoid for your move.

We stand by our reputation

At Twickenham Removals we value our reputation in the local community. Without customers, our business would falter and cease, so we take great care of our customers. Indeed, our clients are our priority, we listen and offer solutions to help you make the right choices for your needs. Our personal service ensures that you get the best options available.

An affordable service with Twickenham Removals

Moving house or changing the venue of your business can be a costly exercise. At Twickenham Removals we understand this and we aim to provide a safe but cost-efficient service. All our prices are transparent, so you can see exactly how much you will need to pay. And in particular, we do not hide extras to shock you at the end. And we keep our prices low by the efficient use of our resources and our deep knowledge of our industry. Additionally, if you are working to a tight budget, we will show you the ways you can safely save money and advise you as to the best way to do so.


Naturally, we are fully insured. All our drivers and vehicle carry a comprehensive insurance. This gives both us and you extra peace of mind. However, if you do have very valuable belongings or machinery then you should make sure your insurance company know about your move and that they provide adequate cover in addition to our own. And when we take on your packing, our insurance cover that as well.

The phone call

When you telephone us, you speak directly to a real person. You will not have to press various numbers to finally arrive. Neither will we play you long minutes of “music”. Your time is valuable, and we will not waste it. In fact, our service to you starts with that first call and only ends when you and your belongings are safely at your destination and the vans unloaded to your complete satisfaction. Furthermore, if you have questions at any time, we will answer them honestly and completely.

Meet Some of Our Customers

Max Harvey

They were professional. They were extremely helpful to pack, load and unload all my furniture. It is not easy to load the furniture from a big house with 4 bedrooms. But, Mike and the team did what I expect from local removals company. Don’t hesitate to recommend them to you!

Ajay Patel

We used them for our recent house move. It is not difficult to move when you select Twickenham Removals for the job. Complete service at a good price. Thanks again for your great job guys!

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