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Well Experienced Removals Twickenham Team

Experience counts, and Removals Twickenham field a well-experienced team. Because we have the experience we can assess your removal needs quickly and accurately. Planning your move is important, it is this that decides what sort of move you will experience. Will it be a move you would prefer to forget, or will the move provide anecdotes to amuse your guest in retrospect? But maybe you will be able to draw on our well-experienced Removals Twickenham team and be able to say – “Yes, my move was trouble free and ran smoothly from start to finish”. In fact,we aim to provide you with that kind of move.

You can meet some of the team here


Customer Service Officer

Pawel Walerczuk is our customer relations officer. He has the very important job of communication with all our customers. Because he knows the removal business extremely well, he can answer your questions and keep you informed. In addition, his prime function is to make your experience with us pleasant and his friendly nature allows him to do this in a natural and effective manner.


Removal Specialist

Mariusz Walerczuk is our removal specialist – the man on the ground who makes certain your move will be efficient and trouble-free. He has been with the company for more than eight years. His knowledge and experience are invaluable in the running of our business. In addition, Mariusz's wide experience allows him to assess your needs accurately and quickly. He expects the team to arrive on time and work efficiently and carefully.


Removal Supervisor

Mateusz Kusaj works as the removals supervisor, not always an easy job. He has the responsibility of ensuring that our work keeps up the high standard we expect. And since Mateusz has been with the company since its inception, he really does know the business inside out. Because we find Mateusz pleasant to work with this makes all our work run smoothly.



Slawomir Wilisowski has worked with us for over 5 years. Because he has the local knowledge, Slawomir knows the routes and traffic situations in your area. He is always alert to new roadworks and knows where the bottlenecks are likely to occur. This means he can usually reach you within a short time, and will not keep you waiting. Slawomir feels that arriving promptly is important. In addition, Slawomir is a careful driver and he will look after your belongings, they are safe with him.

What Makes Our Company Different and Better?

Eco-friendly packing solutions

Twickenham Removals are a responsible company, so protecting our environment is a key issue for us. We buy all our packing materials from an eco-friendly supplier and maintain our modern vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint.

Different types of service

Our company offers various services to suit our own particular needs. We have specialists in a variety of tasks, which makes our work efficient and suitable for every type of move.

Dedicated team

Moving house or office can be traumatic. But, as Twickenham Removals provides you with your own dedicated team, the complexities of the move are taken care of and you really can relax.

Best customer service

At Twickenham Removals customers come first. We look after our customers; their needs are our priority. If you have questions we will answer them and always we treat you with respect and courtesy.

We know Twickenham

Because we are local removals, we are on your doorstep. And because of this, our team know their way around Twickenham and the area around. So, Removals Twickenham will arrive promptly at your home or office. We know the local roads, the traffic conditions and the road works in place. This lets us avoid bottlenecks and unexpected delays.

Our international experience

The team at Local Removals Company Twickenham have a wide range of experiences – and we share the knowledge gained with other team members. One example lies in the international moves. Here our experience in driving continental vehicles on foreign roads lets us reach our destination safely – and your belongings are also safe. And in addition, Removals Twickenham team know how to clear customs – this can cause delays when people who have not had the experience our team has. This is because the process can be complicated and changeable. Therefore, we must ensure that all the documents needed are present and correctly completed. This is not a job for amateurs!

In addition to knowing the routes in and around Twickenham, Removals Twickenham team can find the best parking for your premises and take into account any local restrictions.