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Twickenham Piano Removals

Twickenham Piano Removals is a specialist service, experienced and qualified to move your piano.

Why do you need a specialist?

Moving a piano needs special skills. You can’t just slide it along on its castors and bump it down the steps. Even an old upright will complain if you treat it like that. You really do need professional staff to move your piano without damaging either it or the surrounds – or the men.

Pianos are heavy

No one expects a man to bear a weight over 100 lbs. A grand piano can weigh over 1000 lbs, that’s 1000 lbs of valuable and sensitive material. The specialist team at your Removals Company in Twickenham will assess your piano and make sure we have enough men to move it safely.

Pianos area funny shape

How do you wrap a piano? Elegant curves or sharp corners – and a beautiful shine to the surface. It presents quite a challenge! Fortunately, we have lots of experience in packing, padding and protecting pianos when we move them.

Pianos are unwieldy

As well as being heavy, they are often top heavy. We need extra wide dollies to transport them even a short distance. A grand piano will be moved on its side, and we have to take great care when turning it onto its side. Indeed, some pianos are more difficult to move than others – and our specialist will assess what we need before we arrive on the day.

The journey to the van

Our assessor will also plan the route! We may need to measure doorways and check out sharp corners. Stairs always present a challenge for any bulky, unwieldy piece of furniture – none more so that the easily dented or marked piano.

Vulnerable and valuable

In addition to being vulnerable to injury, they are valuable in their own right. This is quite apart from the fact that you may love your piano. So, we take very special care when we move a piano.

Twickenham piano removals service

If you have a piano for us to move, please let us know. When you call us, we can make a proper assessment and come fully prepared to move it safely and ensure it arrives undamaged at your destination.