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Twickenham Packing Service

What do you want when you pack for your move? Do you want everything to arrive at your destination safely and undamaged? Additionally, would you like to be able to find everything, even a few days after you move when you might still be unpacking? Twickenham Packing Service can make sure these things happen.

What you need?

What this comes down to is a durable packing service. By this, we mean that you want the packing materials to be durable and strong, but as well, the materials won’t pack by themselves, you also need experts to pack quickly and properly. As an extra thought, good labelling can save a great deal of frustration.

Twickenham Packing Service

At your Local Removals Company Twickenham, we pride ourselves on our durable packing service. As we are an Eco-friendly company we take care to purchase environmentally friendly packing boxes, paper and even the tapes. We source strong and appropriate materials such as:

• Strong boxes and containers of every size. Small boxes are suitable for heavy items such as books and larger boxes for clothes and linens, kitchen utensils and other lighter objects.
• Paper – yes, we use a lot of paper. Different types of paper are suitable for different purposes. Tissue paper for fragile objects, newspaper or tough brown paper to protect larger items.
• Tough mattress covers – mattresses are heavy and clumsy to carry. So, a durable cover is needed.
• We use masses of bubble wrap. It can be surprisingly effective in protecting your goods.
• Unyielding tape for closing the boxes, and keeping them closed.
• Plastic covers to protect your furniture.
• Removal blankets which we use to pad the furniture during transit

Our expert packers

Our packers have trained to use professional techniques and to use the appropriate materials. Because we do the packing properly your belongings will arrive safely and the durable material we use will ensure that our careful packing will not fall apart on the journey!


Our team of packers in Twickenham will label the boxes so that you will know what is inside them after you move. In addition, the labels should state the room we should deliver them to as well. You will need to help with this!

Our durable packing service

Twickenham Packing Service can take care of all your packing needs if you would like us to do so. Provided you tell us when we assess your goods, this service is quick and professional, your belongings are guaranteed to arrive safely, (we are insured). So, contact us for further details.