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Twickenham Furniture Dismantling

What should you do if your furniture won’t fit through the door, or if you can’t see a way down the stairs for it? Why not call the Removals Twickenham Furniture Dismantling service?

First, do no damage

This is the cardinal rule by which our Furniture Dismantling Service operates. When anyone tries to force wide pieces of furniture through narrow doorways – then either the doorway or the furniture sustains damage. And it can strain the person carrying the piece as well. But often the solution is simple – dismantle the furniture first. And the same goes for office equipment or any other bulky items that you need to move.

The snags

1. You may not know the best way to do it.
2. Even if you do, there are a million other things that require your attention on the day of the move and just before it.
3. Maybe the tools you need to reassemble it at the other end are securely packed in one of the boxes – the question is – which box?
The solution – let your removals company furniture dismantling service team in Twickenham do the job for you. We have seen similar puzzles before and overcome them. Also, we have the correct tools handy. And finally, we are the ones who have to carry the items to the van and load it up securely! It makes sense to let us take the strain.

What about reassembling it at the destination?

Of course, we do that for you. And the best part – you can tell us exactly where you would like us to place it when we put it back together again.

What should I do now? Ring the Twickenham Furniture Dismantling Service!

As soon as you have decided on the probable date of your move give us a ring. So, Removals Company Twickenham will come round and give you a free estimate. At the same time, we will look at your bulky items and also the route we must take to the van, then we can assess which items need dismantling.