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Twickenham Commercial Removals

A commercial move requires proper planning, efficient service and minimal disruption. Twickenham Commercial Removals specialises in this.

Proper Planning

We don’t just waltz in, snatch up your computer, prance downstairs and whisk it off! We make a free and proper assessment and then plan the job carefully. This planning makes the day of the move run smoothly and causes the least disruption to your working pattern as is possible. Because we know that where business is concerned, time equates with money. Therefore, it is imperative that we work efficiently. If necessary, we can come after hours to avoid interrupting your staff in their work.

Properly trained and experienced removal men

Our staff at Removals Company Twickenham are experienced in both the small office move down the road to the big, commercial moves across the country or abroad. We have the knowledge and the equipment to work efficiently, quickly and quietly, with a minimum of fuss.
Our packers will pack your valuable and vulnerable items with care. We use packing materials which are not only Eco-friendly but also tough and durable, which we might need for a commercial move.

The Twickenham Commercial Removals fleet of vehicles

Whatever the size of your move we own the containers and vehicles to make your move successful. Our drivers know the roads, both here and abroad. All our vehicles are clean, well maintained and reliable. Our tracking devices mean you can keep an eye on your belongings during the move.

Minimal disruption

As far as possible we work to make your destination as familiar to your staff as we can. We keep the files documents and paperwork ordered and of course, we respect confidentiality issues. If you would like us to set up the workstation and IT equipment for you we can do that, so that your staff can quickly resume their work. Therefore, call our team of experts in Twickenham for a well-planned and well executed commercial move.