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Trains To Twickenham From Vauxhall. The quickest way of reaching Twickenham from Central London is by taking the Victoria Line to Vauxhall and then interchanging for the National Rail services to Twickenham. There are approximately 13 train services per hour from Vauxhall to Twickenham.

Once you arrive at Vauxhall Railway Station go straight to platforms 3 or 4 to catch trains towards Reading or Windsor or Hounslow (via Richmond).

Trains To Twickenham From Vauxhall

To reach the platforms 3 and 4, as soon as you pass through the ticket gates, walk towards the middle of the tunnel and take the steps on your left-hand side to platforms 3 and 4. There is the passenger lift for those travelling with luggage and for the disabled.



The fastest train is the one destined to Reading (19 minutes).

The fastest train to Twickenham from Vauxhall Station is the one destined to Reading as it only stops at Clapham Junction and Richmond before it reaches Twickenham.  Below are few examples of services which depart from Vauxhall to Twickenham (a snapshot from national rail website taken on 13th April 2018).  For an up to date departure times click here.


Ticket price for service from Vauxhall to Twickenham is £2.70 off-peak on Oyster Card and £4.40 on the printed ticket. (2018)

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