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Why Not Do It Yourself?

Why Hire a Removal Company? Moving house or changing office premises is exciting – but you must arrange so many things. Why not let the experts take the strain of the actual removal?

Here are 4 reasons why you might choose to hire a removal company:

1. To make things a little easier

To relieve stress for yourself, your family or your work colleagues. A good removal company takes care of packing, transport and unloading, calmly and efficiently. You need to explain where you want things to go, but otherwise, you are free to concentrate on your own personal move.

2. Experienced removal men

This is our profession. We have the techniques and experience to make sure we do not damage your belongings. Because we have done these many times before, we know how to look after your things properly. Even your fragile items will be carefully packed so they arrive intact at your new home or office.

3. Planning

Because we know what we need to bring with us, you do not need to worry about such mundane matters as “Have I got enough boxes?” and “Is that carton really strong enough?”. We take care of all these things for you.

4. The cost

Sometimes, you will find it is cheaper to hire an expert than to try to do it all yourself. We are less likely to damage anything, since we have the manpower needed and for such specialist items as a piano. We have special skills. And, of course, we have comprehensive insurance. These are some of the reasons as to why hire a removal company.

Why Hire a Removal Company? – 5 things to look for

1. Recommendations

Once you have decided to hire a removal company, you need to make the right choice. Ask around – have any of your friends experience with moving? What about testimonials on their website?

2. Vehicles

Have you seen their vehicles? Does their website show pictures of them? And do they look clean and well cared for? Because you really don’t want a pick-up truck and open roofed trailer.

3. Costs

Note that a good removal company shows you the costs clearly. They might also make recommendations on cutting the costs if money is tight. Doing your own packing often reduces the fee – but remember you may not be insured in that case.

4. Insurance

Critically, it’s important to take note of what their insurance covers. If you have especially valuable or fragile items, you might do well to speak to your own insurance company as well. You probably won’t need it – but if you take the risk of going without – that’s the time when disaster strikes!

5. The service

When you make your first contact with the company – how did they respond. Did you wait on the phone while pressing button 1,2 and then 3, and once connected, did the voice at the other sound impersonal and just slightly unhelpful? It that is the case – steer clear! But, why hire a removal company that doesn’t seem to care?

So, check around. Why not try this company in Twickenham for a friendly and efficient service?  Make your choice and then relax, you should find that moving house can be a smooth and trouble-free experience.