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This blog post is about the Charity Shops Twickenham. The best charity shops in Twickenham are located at King Street and Heath Road. If you are looking to donate furniture please know that the Sue Ryder Charity Shop accept furniture donations. Arrived in Twickenham by train? If so, please direct yourself from Twickenham Station towards the River Thames. The Charity Shops are located between Barclays Bank and Tesco Express on King Street and Heath Road. The first charity shop you are going to see is the British Heart Foundation.

British Heart Foundation Twickenham

What are you going to find at this charity shop are mainly garments for man and woman, large selection of books, music records and CDs, kitchen utensils, toys for children and some furniture. The furniture donations are only accepted at the discretion of the manager. The British Heart Foundation Furniture Twickenham opening times:


British Heart Foundation Furniture Twickenham Address

Now continue walking further down the King Street in Twickenham and look right to find the Oxfam of Twickenham.


Oxfam Charity Shop Twickenham

Typically for Oxfam charity shops, this store offers the selection of garments for men and women, shoes, books, music, selection of coffees and sweets for children. The Oxfam shop is opening times:

Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..



Oxfam Charity Shop Twickenham Address

If you continue your walk further down the King Street in Twickenham on the same side of the road you are going to arrive the epicentre of all the Charity Shops Twickenham. The Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice Care charity shop and Cancer Research charity shop and Princess Alice Hospice charity shop are based here, one next to the other.

Princess Alice Hospice Twickenham

The Princess Alice Hospice is a medium-sized charity shop. It accepts donations during their operational hours. The volunteers employed at the shop carefully sort all of the donations and place them on display only if the donated items of high quality, as demanded by the local residents of Twickenham. Princess Alice Hospice charity shop Twickenham opening times:



Princess Alice Hospice Charity ShopTwickenhamm Address


Still not satisfied with the Charity Shops Twickenham you’ve seen so far? The good thing about Twickenham is that you don’t need to walk too far to switch from one charity shop to another. Once you leave Princess Alice Hospice you will quickly realise that the next charity shop is just 5 steps away.


Cancer Research Twickenham

The Cancer Research charity shop in Twickenham is located right next to Princess Alice Hospice. Close proximity to other charity shops makes the Cancer Research charity shop compete for customers by offering high quality and a wide range of items at low prices. The shop accepts donations during the opening hours. Customers are requested not to abandon their donations at the doors outside of the shops’ working hours. Cancer Research Charity Shop Twickenhamm opens 7 days a week:



Cancer Research Charity Shop Twickenham Address


The Shooting Star Chase Twickenham is also known as the Shooting Star Hospice Twickenham. One of the larger Charity Shops Twickenham offering mainly second-hand garments and donated by the UK retailers brand new clothes and footwear.


Shooting Star Chase Twickenham


The Shooting Star Chase of Twickenham it’s larger than it’s charity shop neighbours. The Shooting Star Chase seems to be operating shortened opening hours. We arrived at this part of Twickenham at 4.45 p.m. and while the Cancer Research and Princess Alice Hospice were still opened for business, the Shooting Star Chase was already closed. By looking at the window of this charity shop we’ve noticed that there’s a great selection of garments and footwear on offer. Shooting Star Chase Twickenham opening hours


Shooting Star Hospice Twickenham Address


Charity Furniture Shops Twickenham


The last but not least charity shop included in this blog post about Charity Shops Twickenham is the shop located further down the road on the corner of Heath Road and Clifden Road.


Sue Ryder Twickenham

The Sue Ryder Twickenham is the largest charity shop in Twickenham. In addition to the traditional charity shop stock, at Sue Ryder you will find a great selection of quality furniture. The Sue Ryder charity shop in Twickenham accepts furniture donations. They have their own van to collect the donated furniture and to deliver purchases to its new owners.  Sue Ryder Twickenham shop opening hours are:



Charity Shops Twickenham Sue Ryder Address



If you are looking to purchase furniture from the Charity Furniture Shops Twickenham and need a van to transport your new purchase call Twickenham Removals now.